Growing up as the only person unable to paint, draw or sculpt in my family, it was no surprise that I eventually turned my hand to photography, as a way of participating in visual art. Finding the responsiveness of a modern DSLR gripping to the point of addictive, I was quickly hooked, and now consider my camera an essential component of my personal effects. Below is a selection of my photography.

In autumn 2016, I took part in an extracurricular university module on the subject of political photography. This course culminated in its participants each producing a photographic project; mine was entitled “The Politics of Protest”, and featured photographs I took from four protests that autumn. Being of a conservative disposition, public protest is not a channel through which I have typically participated in the democratic process – and so getting under the skin of these protests afforded me an unforgettable taste of how the other half of British politics live.

*Usage: All photos from “The Politics of Protest” can be reproduced online, for non-commercial purposes, on condition that I am credited both by name, and with a link to this webpage (this can be hyperlinked in my name). For commercial or any kind of printed usage, please contact me for permission.